4 Handed Herbal Compress

This popular massage treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine, the herbalism it’s based on is still practiced today and has many health benefits. And it’s also a great alternative for people who are too sensitive for stretching exercises and acupuncture. 

We use all natural herbs in our compress balls to create a powerful relaxation effect that as a wide range of health benefits. A herbal compress massage helps: reduce tension, nourishes skin, eases respiration, improves circulation, eliminates toxins and helps restore the body’s energy flow.


It can also help with a number of conditions like: stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. Our four handed herbal compress massage is a deeply relaxing and sensual experience and is a great choice for the busy working man. Four hands work better than two, so if you need to reduce some pent-up tension and stress our four handed herbal compress massage is ideal for you. 

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